Tomoki Tamura is a rare breed who has come a long way from the dance floors of Japan where he started out. His first move to London in 2004 sparked the first of his infamous HOLIC nights which would eventually lead him to top London venues Fabric, Ministry of Sound, and Plastic People. During this time he also earnt himself a 2 year residency at the legendary club The END / AKA from 2007.

As it quickly became a staple of London nightlife, HOLIC in brought a fresh selection of quality House and Techno DJs to the Capital, while also being granted permanent residency at one of Japan’s most respected clubs, Womb (Tokyo). Through these opportunities, Tamura became an ambassador for underground music by connecting Tokyo to London and received much deserved acclaim that has led him to play in all corners of the world.

A decade after HOLIC’s establishment saw the launch of the label HOLIC TRAX in 2012 with a release from Mr. G (HT001). The label has cultivated a distinct identity without compromise and its unique take on House music has earned enormous praise from an underground audience with releases from Rick Wade, Chris Carrier, Ekkohaus & Rufus, Kate Simko, and Robert Dietz. It also serves as the main outlet for Doublet, a collaborative project between Tamura and Italian Ibiza resident Tuccillo that explores a raw and moody side of House. Although proving to be a credible producer, label owner, and promoter, Tamura knows his records and considers himself a DJ above all else. He currently lives in Berlin and is proud to call it home.